Monday, May 31, 2010

Feedback On Non-recurring Meetings

Because meetings are flow-state interrupters, companies should have a process for improving the quality of all meetings, including non-recurring meetings.

After every non-recurring meeting, a survey should be sent to everyone who attended the meeting, asking some questions:
  • Did the meeting start on time?
  • Did the meeting end on time?
  • Do you understand the purpose of this meeting?
  • Do you feel that this meeting met its stated purpose?
  • Based on the average fully burdened salary of the attendees, the cost of this meeting (not counting opportunity cost) was $<put cost here>. Do you think that cost was justified?
  • Is there any information communicated during the meeting that should be communicated by some other means (for example, in email)?
  • Which of the following actions would have improved the meeting (check as many as apply)?:
    • Add ______ to the agenda.
    • Remove ______ from the agenda.
    • Change the allocated time to ______.
    • Reduce the number of attendees.
Meeting ratings should be considered in employee's annual reviews.

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