Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Eclipse Plugins For Java Dependency Analysis

Once I got our project's code imported into Eclipse in a usable way, the real work started.

The plan is to upgrade the code to use newer APIs and services. To do that, we need a way to analyze the dependencies, to identify cycles, determine the easiest places to refactor, etc.

A web search found a useful evaluation of various dependency-analyzers for Eclipse.

I tried all of the tools listed in the evaluation, and liked STAN the best.

STAN installs easily, is intuitive to use, and doesn't choke on our million-plus lines of code (after configuring it to analyze class-to-class dependencies instead of at the method level). Plus, questions emailed to STAN are answered quickly--the support is good. We bought a license.

But STAN is a commercial product, and I also needed something to use at home. Something inexpensive.

That's when I noticed a comment at the bottom of the evaluation. (It had been there all the time, but who reads comments, right?)

The comment recommends CAP, and it's a good recommendation. CAP is similar to STAN in terms of ease of installation and use, it doesn't choke on our million-line project, and it's faster than STAN and uses less memory. Plus it's free, which is hard to beat.

However, CAP hasn't been upgraded for a while, and the author is intermittently difficult to contact. Also, STAN has a better display of rolled-up package dependencies (for example, if you have com.abc and com.abc.def, you can see dependencies on com.abc, or com.abc.def, or com.abc*, but in CAP you can only see com.abc or com.abc.def individually).

STAN doesn't offer floating licenses, which makes it pretty expensive if more than a couple engineers will be using it. Dependency analysis is something an engineer might do while learning or refactoring a code base, and then not do again for months, so floating licenses would make sense.

Both tools are good. STAN's package roll-ups are really useful when you have a lot of subpackages. CAP's price is hard to beat.

If you do use CAP, please support open source and send the author a donation. I was the first person to do that, which is kind of a shame.

Update: See this post for another good Java dependency analyzer.


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